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Living with any chronic disease can be tough, with everything a patient and caregivers need to manage. Kifayti health is your “go to” chronic disease management app to deliver right care at the right time.

  • With the help of our solution, we reduce the emergency admits, hospitalisation, complications, and health care costs.
  • We help patients in better treatment adherence leading to slowing down the progression
of the chronic disease.
  • We make chronic disease care accessible, less complicated and at the same time improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers.
  • We help patients in choosing the best treatment option available.

With our basic program you can stay in touch with your doctor no matter where he/she is and give real time updates of your symptoms and vitals.

  • If any symptoms are serious or vitals are out of range and requires your doctor’s intervention, we update your doctor or care team.
  • This ensures no delay in treatment and keeps more patients at home than at hospital.
  • Maintaining health reports/prescriptions is a daunting task and we take away that burden from you by securely storing all records in a chronological order with easy access to your doctor and caregivers.

We also help you maintain your lifestyle (diet and physical fitness) with insights from
clinical specialists.

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