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Wottagirl – Premium online store for a Perfumes/Fragrances

Wottagirl stands as a premier e-commerce platform offering an exquisite array of products curated for the contemporary woman. Built on the robust Shopify platform, Wottagirl boasts mobile responsiveness, captivating design, and seamless user experience.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Seamless shopping across devices.
  • Premium Shopify Template: Elegance and functionality.
  • Payment Gateway – Razorpay: Secure transactions with multiple options.
  • Order Management: Efficient processing and timely deliveries.
  • Product Management: Easy cataloging and dynamic experience.
  • Combos and Offers: Engaging promotions for customer loyalty.
  • Coupon and Promotions: Incentives for exclusive discounts.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Valuable insights for informed decisions.

Experience sophistication with Wottagirl – where luxury meets convenience.

With Wottagirl, elevate your online shopping experience to unparalleled heights, where luxury meets convenience, and every purchase is a celebration of timeless elegance.


For wottagirl, we crafted an online store using shopify, focusing on its mobile-first design, extensive product catalog, integrated payment gateway, quick checkout, and CMS panel for order and product management.

  • Strategy

    UI UX, Mobile first online store, web application, custom development, swiggy like app

  • Design

    UI/UX Designs

  • Client

    Wottagirl.com / Adjavis Venture Limited

  • Tags

    Featured Work

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