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HeyCloudy, India’s audio learning app for kids and toddlers (2 to 8 years old) is filled with exciting and thrilling kids audio stories. Available in English, Hindi & Tamil, it is a platform preferred by thousands of parents for their kids to get access to thousands of audio stories, learning lessons as well as nursery rhymes.

This audio story app allows your kids to experience learning in a fun way through stories in an audio format. It’s a platform where kids can learn and listen to audiobooks, poems, rhymes and kids music to provide for their early-stage learning.

Why choose HeyCloudy for your kids?

  • Personal Storyteller: You get your personal storytelling experience. Listen to bedtime stories, lullabies, poems and more.
  • Boost Imagination: Listening to audiobooks helps build the child’s creativity and improve visualization.
  • Bonding: Here’s your chance to bond with children while they learn with audio stories
  • Improve Language: Learning a language and building vocabulary becomes easy.
  • Focus & Memory: Audio and music stories help kids improve their focus, attention span & are also known to sharpen memory.
  • Listening skills: Interactive audio stories help build important listening skills in a child necessary for better learning.
  • Reasoning: Audiobooks keep kids curious and help improve their reasoning abilities.

What we got in store for kids

  • Audio Stories: Listen to moral stories & folk tales like Tenali Rama, Panchatantra, Akbar Birbal & more
  • Phonic Stories: Learn and practice alphabets with letter sounds.
  • General Quiz: Any guesses who invented the ceiling fan? Philip Diehl. Get your kids guessing the animal quiz, India quiz, geography quiz, bird quiz and more.
  • Originals: High-quality audio stories like Garden Girl, Clever Fox, Space Stories and National Identities of India with HeyCloudy Originals.
  • Music: They say music helps kids learn positively and hence we at HeyCloudy have a collection of morning music, playtime music, bedtime music all in one place.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Learn the poems & rhymes in an exciting way. Listen to the classics like Incy Wincy Spider, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty
  • Mythological Stories: Listen and learn from the best Indian mythological tales such as Ramayan, Hanuman, Ganesha & many more stories.
  • Festival Stories: Know more about your favourite festivals with audio stories of Christmas, Diwali, Durga Puja and much more on kids learning app.
  • Why Why Stories: Fuel curiosity by listening to stories like – Why the rooster’s crow in the morning? Why do monkeys live on trees? Why rabbits are white as snow and many more
  • Hindi Poems: Listen to Hindi audio poems like Chanda mama, savera and more.

Stories that Help Kids Learn

  • Maths & Science Stories: Learn basic concepts like numbers, gravity through engaging audio storylines.
  • Sense Organs: Learn about sense organs and explore them with audio lessons.
  •  Phonics Stories: Let your child learn the basics of the language with alphabet centred phonic stories.
  • Pet Animals: Improve knowledge of animals with stories focused on pet animals and get to know the sounds of these animals.

Easy kids learning app 

  • Kid-friendly Navigation and UI: HeyCloudy
  • Parental Guidance controls
  • Curated audio story playlists and access to original story series
  • Ad-free and Screen-free
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