SHE- Safety, Health & Empowerment is an integrated solution based on the Women’s Health Guideline. It offers a variety of features for the safety, health, and empowerment of women.

  • Personalized health information: SHE app provides personalized health information according to the user’s age bracket and date of birth. This information is based on a Women’s Health Guideline by the Health Parliament.
  • BMI calculator: SHE app includes a BMI calculator to help users track their weight and body composition.
  • Health Score: SHE app features a health score based on a questionnaire designed to help users determine how much they know about their health and provides customized health guidance based on their scores.
  • Fictitious character: SHE app includes a fictitious character – ANANDI, that replies to users’ queries. This character is curated to provide support and guidance to users on various topics such as safety & health.
  • Weekly health trivia: SHE app features a weekly health trivia question that
users can answer to test their knowledge. The trivia also shows how many
percent of users chose each option, so users can see how their knowledge
compares to other women using the app.
  • Notifications: SHE app has user notifications about important health and
safety information.
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